Thursday, March 21, 2013

Grab Yourself a Heaping (Looney)Spoonful!

Jeff and I picked up the Looneyspoons Collection recently and haven't put it down. It's...simply...that good. It's funny, easy to read, accessible in cooking techniques, loaded with nutrition fun facts, and brimming with recipes. Yes, there are 325 recipes - almost all of which we actually want to make!

So far, in the month we've had the book we've poured through more than a dozen - all with rave reviews. Aunt Chilada's Stuffed Tortillas were a great weeknight treat as was the Bye Bye Burgie portabella burger and the Rice is Right fried rice dish. The Eggplanet Hollywood was so delish we sent a batch to a friend caring for a sick child. The Piled High Veggie Pot Pie was warmly comforting on a cold winter Sunday. The Pumpkin and Spice and Everything Nice muffins were a hit with the kids. And, the Batter-Be-Good-To-Me Pancakes are my favorite pancakes...ever! (And, yes, all the recipes have corny titles like these. Hands down to the women creative enough to concoct 325 unique, corny recipe names!)

If you are new to the kitchen, expanding your go-to recipes, or interested in learning more about healthy eating, this collection is fantastic. We wholeheartedly recommend it! In the nutritional nuggets, recipe tips, trivial tidbits, and other fun facts you'll learn about everything from the health benefits of ingredients and cooking tips to the evils of diet soda and factory farming. It's all here in the nearly 400 pages of yummy goodness!

With a caveat, this book is a great resource for real foodies, too. Consumers of unprocessed foods will have to make some substitutions because some of the ingredients in this "healthy" cookbook are anything but clean. For example: light dairy products, Knorr soup mix, white flour, white sugar, ranch-flavored cream cheese, and (my personal anti-favorite) reduced-fat canned crescent rolls. Use your favorite substitutions (spelt flour for white flour, honey for sugar, coconut derivatives for you paleo folks), and you'll be great!

Overall, this book is a great addition to our library and yours! In fact, with the dozens of cookbooks in our home, this is the book we've got out as we prepare for a weekend visit from my mother-in-law. Is there any better endorsement than that? Enough said!

Pumpkin and Spice and Everything Nice Mini Muffins
LOVED these!

Batter-Be-Good-To-Me Pancakes
St. Paddy's Day Edition

Piled High Veggie Pot Pie
The picture doesn't do the deliciousness justice!

Note: Hay House gave us a copy of this book to review. We're grateful for The Looneyspoons Collection and Hay House! And, no, getting the book for free didn't sway the opinions expressed herein. (Pardon the legalese, it's my native tongue.)

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