The Roches

Jeff and Krista Roche

We met in 1998 while attending Villanova. The actual story is not internet appropriate (or perhaps it is tailor made for the internet, I just won't publish it!). I can say that we ran in the same circles until finally...we collided. We courted over Sunday suppers, trips to the park, and late nights for an entire semester before moving in together. That was thirteen years ago. Nine abodes, five states, three dogs, and two kids later, here we are, still together. 

I could say loads of wonderful things about our kids, but the excessive bragging would cause you to like us less. We don't always know what we're doing as parents. Sometimes we get it right. Sometimes we fake it well. Other times, we make good stories. (Remind me to tell you how Finn got potty trained!)

Jeff's a real estate developer; I'm a lawyer. In the kitchen our hearts meet. We're passionate about healthy food. In our own mild-mannered way, we rage against the standard American diet. We're still trying to figure out what healthy eating means to us as a family, and how we'll put the principles into practice. As we do so, we're experimenting with how to nourish the family while overcoming obstacles like: busy schedules, picky children, and a culture that considers reduced-fat crescent rolls from a tube healthy. The same obstacles most of you dear readers face. 

We hope you enjoy reading our adventures, culinary and otherwise. We welcome your comments and thoughts on food  and family. 

Peace and love,

The Roches