Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let them eat zucchini.

Last night marked a big milestone in our healthy lifestyle: we cooked something we grew! Yes, for the first time ever, I picked a veggie from the garden and served it to the family. It was wholesome, sweet, and incredibly rewarding. As a side to the porkchops (that were deemed inedible because the paint on the grill embedded itself in the meat - guess we need to add grill to our Christmas list), we had garden-fresh zucchini sauteed in coconut oil, another first for us. While this isn't perhaps a lifechanging moment, it is a moment where I can reflect that, yes, I am stepping closer to the person I'm meant to be - one who sustains and nurtures her family in a healthy, green way.

PS: The incredibly veggie-resistant boys even took a bite. Brice was not a fan, but Finn looked convincingly pleased.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Speaking of Imperfect...

I had great intentions starting a blog (don't we all?), but...I didn't make a practice of it. Both kids got strep in May, then came a slew of family birthdays and other celebraty events requiring our time and energy, and (insert other convenient half-excuse, half-explanations here). Regardless of our June failings, here it goes again!

My last post was about my insecurities surrounding motherhood. Jeff wrote me an incredibly thoughtful response:

Dear Imperfect Mother,

If you could only see the world through the eyes of the boys in your life, you would see a woman who can do no wrong.  A woman for whom you would do anything to make her happy or to try to get a smile.  The person with whom all of us would choose if we had a day to spend with only one person, only one person to bring a hurt.  If we could only have one hug , one kiss there would be no other.  You are the person who makes everything better, makes everything good again. 

It must be a burden to be so needed.  To have all of us taking from your cup everyday.  Everyday I hope we boys are getting better at working towards helping fill your cup, not just drink from it and maybe ask for our own, but replenish the fountain of life.

We want you to know that we do not blame you for any moments where you might raise your voice, or roll your eyes at our whines.  We do not see any of this as an imperfection in you, but sometimes feel sad because we have upset you.  We feel we have done something that hurt you, and NONE of us boys want or like to hurt the most amazing woman in our lives.  Our tears come not from anger or frustration toward you, but from our fear that we have hurt you and that you might love us a little less because we did something you did not approve.   If you approve, then you love.  Mother, your love cures all and is the most magical thing in the world. 

Mother, we take you as you are.  We would not trade you for anyone in the world.  Others would be lucky to have someone as hardworking, thoughtful, supportive and loving as you!

Imperfect mother, you are perfect for us!

(And, yes - I cried! There is nothing so magical as owning your faults and receiving acceptance from those who love you.)