Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bruce Lipton's The Honeymoon Effect

This book was such a great read - I zipped through it, hungry for more when I was finished. Lipton blends spirituality, biochemistry, quantum physics, and personal experience to explain the joy experienced at the honeymoon phase of a relationship and how we can achieve that bliss throughout our lives. 

Lipton explains that coupling among humans is fundamentally about bonding, not reproduction. Bonding is the powerful innate drive that propels us into relationships with others. Because we are driven to bond easily, we must become conscious (not simply hormone-ruled or blindly lustful) as we bond so that we can attract people who meet our needs into our lives. Lipton says we can use the power of good vibrations and switch our thoughts to create a happily ever after life. He reminds us that love is all about potions – our own neurochemicals cause everything from the anxiety to the euphoria and the infatuation to the post-breakup depression. He differentiates between our conscious and unconscious minds and provides a quantum physics analogy for how to achieve both amazing relationships and world peace.

Overall, I highly recommend this book. The discussion of neurochemicals was fascinating. Moreover, how Lipton relates what occurs on the cellular level, to the interpersonal level, to the macro of world peace is brilliant. On all levels, this book is fantastic!

Note: Hay House gave us a copy of this book to review. We're grateful for The Looneyspoons Collection and Hay House! And, no, getting the book for free didn't sway the opinions expressed herein. (Pardon the legalese, it's my native tongue.)