Monday, February 4, 2013

Crazy Sexy Kitchen Review

Kris Carr's latest, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, is a hit for us, less for the recipes and more for the inspiring introductory information. She's a wellness warrior, straight up! You can feel the energy pulsing off her fingertips as she promotes the virtues of produce through her powerful prose. Kris's insights into alkalinity, the dangers of dairy, and the amazing benefits of an anti-inflammatory, plant-based diet have changed our lives, for sure and for better!

As for the recipes, many are well-suited to serve to vegetarian company gracing your table on a weekend. For example, the Black Bean and Roasted Sweet Potato Burger was uber-delicious, but took hours to prepare. It doesn't suite our busy, working family weeknight grind, but we would certainly pull out this book when healthy company comes calling! While some of the recipes are gourmet (read: lengthy), others are handy plant-based basics like nut milk, hummus, kale chips, and avocado toast that will appeal to newbie healthy eaters and busy parents. (If you are a soy-free eater like we are, be warned that this book is not soy averse.)

If you are interested in the benefits of plant-based living, this beautiful book is definitely worth the read. Kris is energetic and engaging, and her message is important and powerful. Enjoy with an open heart and an empty belly, waiting to be filled with healthy treats that reduce inflammation and promote wellness!

Note: Hay House gave us a copy of this book to review. We're grateful for it and Hay House! And, no, getting the book for free didn't sway the opinions expressed herein. (Pardon the legalese, it's my native tongue.)

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