Monday, December 31, 2012


As I focus my intentions for 2013, here's what resonates:

-  Increase connection with my husband,
- Nourish my family,
- Seek and embrace friendships,
- Inspire by setting a positive example,
- Delight in my children, and
- Explore creativity.

I kid you not- I wrote my intentions with no acronym in mind. With some minor wordsmithing, this is what emerged. And, yes, that is what really resonates. The message to look INSIDE to love and support myself as I prepare to do the same for other surrounds me now. Kris Carr recently wrote that your purpose may have nothing to do with your vocation or avocations, but rather with your journey to connect with your inner light. Brilliant! Also, today I finished Marianne Williamson's awe-inspiring book A Return to Love - a manifesto for acting with love towards yourself so that you may be loving in the context of the world at large. All this amazing knowledge pouring forth is definitely having an impact. Yes, Universe in all your wonder, I'm listening!

Setting the acronym of my intentions aside, you may notice that I tend to be ambitious with my goals. It's my overachiever nature, I say smiling proudly. No worries here, the plan is already in place. I'm investing time and energy in a project that hits many of these intentions in one fell swoop.

......I'm now a book reviewer for Hay House! Sassy scholar me is positively glowing with delight that I can be of service by reading books and writing reports on them. Yes, Sassy Scholar, I love you and thank you for all the hard work you put into your school years. You may now read and write with purpose. My nerdyness is radiating through my smile!

Even more radiance-inducing, however, is the fact that at 7 AM one morning I was writing in Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life Companion Book to uncover my dream job of writing for Hay House, and before noon I discovered this opportunity. Poof!  Life can really be this magical. Thank you and wow!

Hay House is a haven for spiritually-minded folks who seek the wisdom of amazing authors. The publishing house offers free books to bloggers who review them. That's where I fit in. I can't wait to bury my nose in their awesome works and expand my knowledge of wellness for the mind, body, and soul!

My first assignment is Kris Carr's new cookbook, Crazy, Sexy, Kitchen. Kris is a NY Times best-selling author and champion of plant-based eating. Her new book is poised to provide both knowledge and recipes.

On this end, I'm looking forward to getting playful in the kitchen with Jeff and the kids, connecting as a couple over delicious dinners, nourishing the whole family in whole health style, and chronicling the adventure through writing. (See, I told you I could hit lots of my intentions with this project!)

Before hitting the books, I need to acknowledge my partner. He's the "we" in "I' am now reviewing books. I hereby count my blessings that I'm married to a man with culinary and photographic talents - talents I don't share but heartily admire. On the other hand, Jeff would never get excited about reading and writing like me. His inner child would blaze four runner trails through the woods while mine would spend an entire weekend reading past bedtime and writing in my journal. We completely compliment each other which makes the project a way for us to enhance our relationship as we rely on each other's respective strengths, while giving us each an individual energy boost as we utilize our own creative talents. The chance to share this with one another is also radiance-inducing.

So...draw the blinds neighbors, it's about to get Crazy, Sexy in the Roche Kitchen! (Fade to hysterical laughter, rosy blushing, and the thought that I really shouldn't have said that.)

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