Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Unprocessed Energy Balls

We're live on the October Unprocessed website! So excited to be the first post with our Energy Ball recipe. Click HERE to check it one of our absolute favorite recipes! Also, you can even see a sample of my cheesy poetry. Yep, I went there!

We had tons of fun working on the post, and Finn even helped making the treats. Enjoy, enjoy!


Janet said...

Hi. I found you this morning via the October Unprocessed Challenge and just wanted to say thanks for the recipe. It looks YUMMY and I'm sure my boys will love it. Your poem is great :) We have similar rules in our house about foods our boys can have whenever they want vs those that we save for treats or special occasions.

Jeff and Krista Roche said...

Thanks so much, Janet!

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