Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Processed Food: Irony and Love

The irony of October Unprocessed is the increased usage of our food processor. In decreasing our reliance on factory processing and artificial ingredients, our kitchen is brimming with fresh foods that require...processing. In just over a week now we've broken out the Cuisinart to assist in:

Giada's Marinara Sauce - which we adored over Spaghetti Squash,

Lara Bars - I added raw vegan protein powder for the perfect accompaniment to our 9.63 mile trek/scramble up Old Rag last weekend,

Zucchini Apple Spice Muffins - which I loved but the kids didn't appreciate,

Pop Tarts - which were a big breakfast hit with the kids when served with peanut butter, and

Strawberry Jelly, a recipe Jeff indicates was modified so intensely that he's not sure he can replicate it.

While I've never considered myself much of a cook, my husband's bright culinary light outshines mine even on an off day, I have found joy in "processing" food for the family, much like I used to find joy in baking as a girl. When you bake, you feel love and joy as you are assembling and mixing the ingredients. It comes back to you when you see someone's face brighten while tasting what you've created. In not allowing a conglomerate-owned factory (or anyone else for that matter) to process my family's food, I get the privilege of putting love and joy into creating healthy meals and snacks. Thoughtfulness and consideration are built into the process as I adapt recipes to suit the dietary needs and taste preferences of my kin. Sometimes the love and joy I expend while cooking is reciprocated when deliciousness is appreciated with smiles or glowing words of affirmation. Sometimes I receive it simply with the knowledge that my family has been fed and nurtured in a healthy, nutritious way. Processing food at home allows love to be part of the process again. Many thanks to October Unprocessed for reminding me what the process of feeding others is all about.

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