Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Garden in My Heart: The Reality in My Yard

The garden in my heart perpetually blooms: tomatoes like my grandmother grew on her family's North Jersey farm; a lilac bush like the one where my mother posed, towel between her legs because her water already broke, on the day I was born; daisies like the ones my husband brought me each week when, at age 22, we moved into our first house together; expanses of colorful, whimsical wildflowers like those in my bridal bouquet; and bountiful beds of organic fruits and vegetables reminiscent the farmers' market. This is the picture in my heart.

The reality in our yard...dirt. It's very dirtness both daunting and appealing. It isn't barren, though. It's poised. It's opportunity. And, truth be told, a heck of a lot of work!

Wish us luck this weekend as the picture in my heart collides with the reality in our yard!

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